Are we the owners of our bodies?

“A pattern which is set in advance.”

We know so little about our body, although we are living with them ever moments after we were born. Our bodies are strong machines(?)

Weiner, Norbert – What Is Cybernetics

Are we the owners of our bodies? Or, are we just borrowing them? After the death, the physical body would go back to the earth.

The individual never ceases passing from one closed environment to another, each having its own laws: first the family; then the school (“you are no longer in your family”); then the barracks (“you are no longer at school”); then the factory; from time to time the hospital; possibly the prison, the pre‐eminent instance of the enclosed environment. 

Postscript on the Societies of Control ‐ Gilles Deleuze


Making art is about making connections

As reading Generative Algorithms Concepts and Experiments by Zubin Khabazi, I’m thinking about how the algorithm creates a system/pattern which can expand and spread infinitely. It is all about relationship. 

“Fabrics are close to our body in everyday life. They are flexible, soft and delicate with different patterns, colors and they accept various methods of design. While they cover our bodies, they have potential to cover spaces as well. ”

“Cover Spaces.”  If there is a system/pattern developed in an art piece, this piece can keep going, glowing from the artist to the audience through the pattern created by the artwork. 

“A person on the street is more of the street than he is a human.”

People’s common idea of artists is that artists are creators, but from reading and processing those ideas above, I started to think artists as curators. The artist’s job is collecting and arranging images and elements around a specific idea. The relationships per se between each objects or elements from the is the amplifier of the concept residing at those objects. Making art is about making connections. The artwork itself is a network or we can say a body of collections. “when you started doing what you really really believe.That’s when you do your best work.” The artist need to be honest with himself, listening to those objects which speak to him carefully.