Collective Dreaming

Photography Project

The cohesive approach to images: Collage

Sarah Charlesworth

The absence of the person who is wearing those garments. A pure presentation of the garment(Skin). This is related to what I did for my series The Skin of a Human Being.

The way how Sarah Charlesworth put those images together, isolating the image from its original background, makes the audience pay more attention to the object itself. Those objects are floating.

This reminds me of Damien Hirst’s butterfly paintings. Those butterflies who were haunted from nature are existed in a artificial space.

This rectangular one is connected with this photo by Alex Prager.

Dreamed Woman

As she is being created by a collective imagination, there is a connection between those two images.

Also the dreamed woman has to cry. I need a crying one.

In the movie Painted Skin II, the ancient fox spirit finally becomes human. Once she smells the fragrance of flowers for the very first time, she sheds tears.

Six performers and the dreamed woman

Blood, Mark

Six performers

When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dreams?

Meredith Monk

Cinema Modeoff

Meredith Monk – ‘I Believe in the Healing Power of Art’ | Artist Interview | TateShots

We visit performance artist Meredith Monk in her New York City studio. Meredith Monk is an American composer, performer, film-maker and interdisciplinary artist.. She is primarily known for her vocal innovations. Monk‘s performances have influenced many artists, including Bruce Nauman, whom she met in San Francisco in 1968. She is the subject …youtube.com2 years ago


Maybe this pose can be used for the dreamed woman too. Showing the neck is vulnerability and shifting the sight to the upper.

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