Breath is the tenderest breeze

Something constantly existing in my work is uncertainty, the pursuit of the sense of security, and intensity. Someone used to told me that my art practice is like treading a tightrope. I’m so obsessed with seeing those fragile moments when people are dancing on the cliff, tears welling up in eyes, and bow at full draw.

Some moments of fragility and vulnerability:

Untitled by Rinko Kawauchi

I’ve loved watching small flames closely since I was a child. To let the flame of a candle stay stills, I would hold my breath, but sometimes I would also blow it tenderly to make it dance on the edge of going out.

Nothing is still. We are all moving. Still-life? We always have wind. Breath is the tenderest breeze.

Mirror-breathing-moist (sometimes, in movies, people will put a small mirror under one’s nose to check if he’s dead or not.)

The Butterfly Effect——————the Internet world(Is the internet world a combination of the momentary and the forever?)

Wind instruments emphasis the sound of breathing.

Sleeping is a very intense and interesting state for me.

“I would rather look at you when you’re sleeping serenely rather than your cold stare when you’re awake.”

Have you ever walked into a bedroom when there is someone sleeping? It is beautiful and exciting. People who are sleeping are small flames.

by Zeng Wu

When the skin is a bow at full draw.

Things have the similar intensity:

surface of a clear calm lake

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