• Timeline

    2019年11月6日 by

    11/6  Decide the concept and the expression Have the sketch  Shopping List for material Meet with Alan  11/13 Work on the project 11/20 Work on the project 11/27 Work on the project Work on the presentation  12/4  Finalize

  • Are we the owners of our bodies?

    2019年9月25日 by

    “A pattern which is set in advance.” We know so little about our body, although we are living with them ever moments after we were born. Our bodies are strong machines(?) Are we the owners of our bodies? Or, are we just borrowing them? After the death, the physical body would go back to the… Read more

  • Is a dewdrop world, And yet, and yet . . .

    2019年9月25日 by

    When I was a child, I moved a lot. I transfer to different primary schools three times because I was moving to different cities. Things around me was always changing. Yeah, even now, as a international student studying in America I’m always a tenant and I don’t know what would travel with me forever.(maybe my… Read more

  • Making art is about making connections

    2019年9月11日 by

    As reading Generative Algorithms Concepts and Experiments by Zubin Khabazi, I’m thinking about how the algorithm creates a system/pattern which can expand and spread infinitely. It is all about relationship.  “Fabrics are close to our body in everyday life. They are flexible, soft and delicate with different patterns, colors and they accept various methods of… Read more

  • Breath is the tenderest breeze

    2019年9月1日 by

    Something constantly existing in my work is uncertainty, the pursuit of the sense of security, and intensity. Someone used to told me that my art practice is like treading a tightrope. I’m so obsessed with seeing those fragile moments when people are dancing on the cliff, tears welling up in eyes, and bow at full… Read more

  • Artmaking is my…

    2019年9月1日 by

    Artmaking is my my child, my mom, a partner, a friend, my reflection in the mirror and myself.

  • Intro

    2019年9月1日 by

    Before starting this unknown journey, I would like to comb what I have in my mind right now. I still remember that two years ago when I was writing a script for my play, I was doing research by randomly asking people: When would you feel that you are happy? Once i asked a security… Read more

  • Preface

    2019年9月1日 by

    A quote from the film Yi Yi. In the movie, Yang-Yang read a letter to his grandma in his grandma’s funeral: “I’m sorry, Grandma. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to you. I think all the stuff I could tell you… You must already know. Otherwise, you wouldn’t always tell me to ‘Listen!’ They… Read more

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